StaySafe continues to enhance lone worker app

Through our close working association with StaySafe we are able to both provide input to the technical direction and strategy for the product, to fit the New Zealand market. We also assist with beta testing and refinement of these new features.

StaySafe has been busy working to make the app even better, with a number of new and exciting features added to the app the the hub over the last few months:

  • Regular Check-In Function: StaySafe’s regular check-in feature is configured to require lone workers to check-in at certain time periods during a session. A missed check-in alert will be sent to the monitor in the same way as a session expiry. The length of time between sessions can be customised by the employer to suit their needs.
  • SMS Fallback: StaySafe has recently introduced an SMS fallback feature. This allows the user’s device to automatically send information to the hub via SMS in areas of poor cellular data coverage. StaySafe transitions between data and SMS coverage seamlessly, with no changes to the app from a user perspective.
  • Satellite Usage: The app is now fully compatible for use through Inmarsat satellites for lone workers who regularly travel to remote locations where there is little or no phone signal. All the user needs is a small terminal that allows their mobile devices to connect to the Inmarsat satellite network. Inmarsat provides excellent coverage across New Zealand and the Pacific region. Further details are here.
  • SuperHub: The ‘SuperHub’ allows employers to monitor lone workers operating within different divisions via one StaySafe Hub. Superhub improves the efficiency and effectiveness of StaySafe’s self-monitored customers. This new feature allows employers to manage alerts from separate user groups on one screen.
  • BS8484: StaySafe is now BS848 accredited with two-way audio and recording. Further details on BS8484 accreditation can be found here.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for lone worker protection in more detail.


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