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Three effective ways to get your employees on board with a new tech solution

Seven out of ten technology launches fail to meet their strategic goals. How can you ensure your employees are engaged for success?

TeamHEALTH switched to StaySafe from their manual telephone system

TeamHEALTH switched to StaySafe from their manual telephone system to improve lone worker well-being for its outreach workers. TeamHEALTH is a local mental health organisation located in the Northern territory of Australia. Consisting of around 145 outreach workers, their purpose is supporting people experiencing mental illness. Outreach Support at TeamHEALTH offers a variety of support services […]

Veolia Picks StaySafe For Solo Workers In Remote Locations

With workers often performing tasks in remote and unmanned locations, Veolia has turned to StaySafe technology for better visibility of its employee’s location while alone. Veolia’s Water Division, situated across Australia and New Zealand, now also adheres to Section 48 of the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017.

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EPS Group protect lone workers thanks to the StaySafe app

EPS needed a new solution that would allow staff to check in quickly and easily from their smart device without having to carry additional equipment when working alone. EPS Group is a wet infrastructure specialist operating across the Republic of Ireland and the UK and employing over 500 people. Founded upon 52 years of experience, […]


Major threats faced by housing staff

Due to the varied nature of the workforce, employees within the housing sector are facing a growing number of large-scale threats which can affect both employee safety and business continuity. Employers have a duty of care to protect their workers, but this can prove challenging for large organisations with disparate staff. Fires Fires are a […]

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Driving Mode is here

Driving Mode offers a new distraction-free dashboard for anyone using the StaySafe app whilst driving a vehicle. What does it offer? It is now an offence to use a mobile phone whilst driving, and the law surrounding the use of handheld devices is set to become ever-stricter. Driving mode removes distractions from lone workers when […]

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StaySafe Fall Detection

StaySafe Lone Worker can use your phone’s hardware features to detect a fall. If you suffer an impact event resulting from a fall, an alert will be raised in the hub for your responder to attend to. Falls indicate a risk of significant harm, so a responder can make a welfare check to ensure that […]