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Driving Mode is here

Driving Mode offers a new distraction-free dashboard for anyone using the StaySafe app whilst driving a vehicle.

What does it offer?

It is now an offence to use a mobile phone whilst driving, and the law surrounding the use of handheld devices is set to become ever-stricter.

Driving mode removes distractions from lone workers when they are behind the wheel, therefore removing the risk of breaking the law.

How does it work?

Driving Mode ensures that when driving, lone workers will not be disturbed by any notifications or alarms for the duration of their journey. Regardless of required actions and session state, the app will not distract your lone worker whilst driving but it still allows for lone workers to raise a panic alert.

What to consider when using Driving Mode?

The feature should always be used with plenty of contingency, meaning if your lone worker is expecting to be driving for an hour, consideration should be made for traffic, road works, etc. When Driving Mode is in use the following alerts and alarms will be suppressed:

  • Missed Check-in
  • Low Battery
  • Non-Movement
  • Fall Detection
  • Session Expiry

If you would like to have driving mode available for your StaySafe users or talk to us about StaySafe Lone Worker and its new driving mode, please get in touch using the form below:

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