Protect your mobile devices and the data they hold…

An Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system is used to secure mobile devices.

Organisations can control the applications staff can (and can’t) install and protect corporate and customer information through mandated device locking rules.

Features of Secure Mobility’s EMM solutions include:

  • Control device configuration to ensure secure practices are followed
  • Whitelist and blacklist application ensures data security
  • Remote data wipe protects data in the event of device loss
  • Integrate with your existing systems such as Microsoft Active Directory and VPN
  • Enforce strong password authentication to secure devices
  • Maintain a robust set of IT policies so only verified users have access to your data
  • Device reporting, including status information and user activity logs, ensures that you know who has seen your data
  • Support for flexible add-ons
  • Available via cloud and in-house options

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