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StaySafe Fall Detection

StaySafe Lone Worker can use your phone’s hardware features to detect a fall. If you suffer an impact event resulting from a fall, an alert will be raised in the hub for your responder to attend to. Falls indicate a risk of significant harm, so a responder can make a welfare check to ensure that you are okay.

While you are in a session, the StaySafe app can monitor the motion of your phone for events that could indicate a fall and alert your responders of this. Fall detection determines whether you have fallen based on several variables (and with consideration of metrics). The effectiveness of this will depend on the placement of the device on your body, your body type, the nature of the fall or impact, and the device itself.

Once triggered, the app will notify you that it has detected a fall and give you 15 seconds to cancel the alert before your responders are notified.

If you would like to have fall detection available for your StaySafe users or talk to us about StaySafe Lone Worker and its new fall detection functionality, please get in touch using the form below:

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