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EPS Group protect lone workers thanks to the StaySafe app

EPS needed a new solution that would allow staff to check in quickly and easily from their smart device without having to carry additional equipment when working alone.

EPS Group is a wet infrastructure specialist operating across the Republic of Ireland and the UK and employing over 500 people. Founded upon 52 years of experience, EPS has grown from a modest electrical and pumping services business into an innovative, internationally exporting product and service provider, now focused upon the water, wastewater and clean technology sectors.

EPS Group provides five main business areas

  • Design, build and construction services
  • Off-site/DfMA manufacturing & assembly
  • Outsourced asset management & operations
  • Service and repair of assets and equipment
  • Technical product sales and distribution

This means that it is one of the few genuine end-to-end service providers in the global water sector.

Dealing with environmental risks and machinery

A typical day for staff working in EPS can include working on-site early mornings, visiting several locations during the day carrying out routine operations, maintenance and operational services. The company now uses the StaySafe app to protect over 120 of its lone workers.

EPS value each and every member of their team, and maintaining their safety while they’re working on the company’s behalf is EPS’ main priority. With some workers spending the majority of their working day alone on different sites, where there are the environmental risks of working near deep water and working with automatic machinery, managers began to examine various lone worker solutions that could help provide protection during an emergency.

A successful trial impressed the staff at EPS

Prior to StaySafe, EPS was using an alternative lone worker app to manage the safety of their staff but this had its limitations. Managers were looking for a new solution that could send an alert if one of their employees had fallen and injured themselves and allowed staff to check-in quickly and easily from their smart device without having to carry additional equipment.
After trialling the StaySafe app, EPS were impressed by the app’s ease of use and the intuitive features it offered.

Staff can start a timed session before a period of lone work or travel and check in at any time to confirm their safety. If an employee fails to end their session safely, a session expiry alert will be sent to the monitor.

Getting help via the easy-to-use app

If a worker has an accident or injures themselves at work, they can send a panic alert through the app which will notify a monitor that they need assistance. If workers are ever in an area with minimal coverage, the app will automatically switch to low-signal mode and session alerts will continue to be sent to the Hub via SMS. The app also provides man-down alerts so that managers can detect if an employee has not moved for a prolonged period of time. This feature is particularly useful for staff who have to work from height or in dangerous environments.

Simon Lockwood, Regional Operations and Maintenance Manager at EPS comments

“We are very pleased with how the app has integrated into our existing company Health & Safety culture. StaySafe is easy to use and the onboarding process was very simple. The team has been great in answering our questions and getting us up to speed and we’re confident that the features will keep our staff safe if an emergency does occur”.

Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe comments,

“With new statistics showing that the number of workplace fatalities in the UK has increased by 29 in a 12 month period (2020/2021) it is vital for employees to consider and mitigate potential risks. With this in mind, we are glad to provide a solution that can help protect staff who work in higher-risk environments”.

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