First Class Tailored Solutions use StaySafe to protect tutors

Remove the admin burden, increase flexibility and gain peace of mind

First Class Tailored Solutions were using text messages to keep track of their lone workers until they began working with StaySafe.

First Class Tailored Solutions is an external provider of alternative education solutions for students in challenging circumstances. Their tutors work in a range of environments from libraries and care homes to private residences. To keep their 40 tutors safe while working alone First Class were manually administrating a system whereby tutors would text their employer when they arrived safely at a venue. Tutor location, session times and texts had to be kept track of manually back at the office, which was taking up a huge amount of internal resources to administer.

After six months of the manual system, First Class decided to look for a more sophisticated solution that would be easier to manage and offer greater flexibility. After a review of the market they selected StaySafe.

StaySafe is an innovative smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring solution which provides personal protection for lone workers. The easy to use app tracks location in real-time enabling employees to check-in safely and request immediate assistance in an emergency.

Sharon Larsen, Administrative Assistant at First Class Tailored Solutions explains:

Implementing the StaySafe app has been a great move for the company. It has freed up so much of our time which we can refocus into other areas of the business. Plus our employees in the field find the additional functions like the panic button and duress pin have given them an extra sense of security. We now have a robust system that is working smoothly in the background rather than something we have to constantly take time out of our day to manage and update. The StaySafe Hub is easy to use and enables us to track employee location and monitor our alerts online in one place.

It is intuitive enough to be used by any authorised member of staff so the responsibility of monitoring lone workers can be shared.

We also love that we can add and remove users ourselves which puts us in control.

First Class Tailored Solutions worked with StaySafe to put clear processes in place in the event of an alert which are documented in the StaySafe Hub. To date First Class have responded to one ‘live’ alert, which thankfully turned out to be a false alarm. However, they are pleased to report that both the app and their response protocol worked as expected and they are confident that they are well equipped to deal with any situations that arise in the future.

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