Discover how Calgary John Howard Society staff use StaySafe to keep themselves safe

Calgary John Howard implements StaySafe’s cutting edge lone worker solution to protect vulnerable community workers


Canadian not-for-profit organisation the Calgary John Howard Society worked in partnership with StaySafe to launch the StaySafe app and implement tailored response procedures to meet their needs.

The Calgary John Howard Society is a community-based not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to reducing crime and increasing community safety through preventative and restorative justice practices. The nature of the job means their employees are often required to work alone in potentially vulnerable situations. CJHS needed to implement a solution that would monitor the safety of these employees and enable them to alert their employer if they needed help.

Nic Etheridge Calder, Housing Reintegration Manager at Calgary John Howard Society explains:

We have a duty to ensure we monitor the safety of our lone workers and so reviewed the market for suitable options. We came across several ‘panic button’ type solutions but StaySafe offered so much more.

Most people keep their smartphones close at hand so they would adapt easily to using the app and not forget it in the morning!

As well as having a wide range of functions like GPS tracking and the duress pin, what really made StaySafe stand out to us was that it’s an app.

Once CJHS selected StaySafe Nic says the implementation process was quick and painless and that StaySafe provided practical support and template procedures which they could adapt to meet the needs of their business.

The app was easy to install on employees phones so from that point of view we were up and running pretty quickly, however, of course, there is work to be done behind the scenes. We needed to train employees how to use the app and learn how to use the StaySafe Hub to monitor employee locations and view alerts. We also needed to document our response protocol and who was going to execute it. StaySafe were really supportive during this process and provided us with template documents which we could then adapt to meet the specific needs of our business. They were also on hand to provide specific guidance or training.

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