Ground Control uses StaySafe to Enhance Safety of Employees Dealing with 62.5% of top Workplace Risks

A UK national environmental and external management company, Ground Control, have implemented the StaySafe solution across several key divisions to enhance the safety of their lone working employees.

ground-control-staysafe-case-studyStaySafe offers an app and monitoring service which allows an employer to monitor the location and safety status of their lone workers, while a session or alert is active. If an employee is in need of assistance, the Monitor will be informed via SMS, email and on screen.

Ground Control offers environmental and maintenance services to clients across the UK, 365 days a year. The business operates across a large number of sectors and has lone workers operating within roles such as high voltage power lines, Network Rail track works, water utilities and MOD sites.

Due to working in remote environmental areas and with hazardous equipment and machinery, there are many risk factors to consider. Some of these include; falls from height, electricity, trains, heavy lifting, handling chemicals and operating machinery and power tools. Such risks made up 62.5% of all self-reported workplace risk factors last year* and while steps can be taken to reduce risk, accidents can still occur in such environments and having a way to alert someone could be life-changing.

For Ground Control, the wellbeing of their employees has always been a priority for the business and health and safety remains at the forefront of all operations. Recognising that lone workers were exposed to greater risk, they set out to further strengthen their safety policy.

As a business already using technology to enhance the efficiency of operations across different teams, they recognised that an app-based solution would be a perfect fit for the tech-savvy business.

Key members of the Ground Control workforce field tested StaySafe before choosing a solution and found it met all of their requirements. With employees entering areas of low signal on a daily basis, StaySafe’s low signal options were an important deciding factor.

The StaySafe app continues to send alerts and session check-ins to the hub even in areas where there is no Wi-Fi or mobile data signal so that employees remain protected wherever they are. The ability to panic when in need of assistance was also of interest to employees and managers.

Another feature Ground Control have found particularly useful was StaySafe’s phone call alert notifications. This feature allows line workers to receive notifications of a panic, missed check-in, or session expiry via a phone call.

The phone call alert option is used during out of hours working where line managers are no longer in the office and are in need of a more intrusive way or receiving an alert.

Gary Summerfield, HSQE Manager at Ground Control comments;

“As a business facing a number of challenges such as low signal and out of hour operations, finding a solution that ticked all of our boxes was important. StaySafe not only did exactly that, but they were also very supportive through the set-up and implementation process. From initial enquiry to roll out, the StaySafe team offered support and guidance to help the process run smoothly and efficiently.

Our employees find the app incredibly easy to use and line managers now feel they have more time to focus on other tasks while knowing they will be notified if a lone worker requires help.”

Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe adds;

“Providing the highest level of protection to lone working staff is of upmost importance to us. This is why we work with the business to get the solution up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. Employee engagement is crucial when implementing a new solution. Not only have we designed the app to be user friendly, we also offer training and support to all users to guarantee that they are confident in using the solution.”

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*HSE (UK) 2014/2015 Annual Report: Self-reported workplace risks.

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