See how Altwood Group uses StaySafe to protect lone workers

StaySafe keeps vulnerable housing sector workers safe in the field.

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Employees in the housing sector can be extremely vulnerable as they are required to visit building sites and empty properties, carry out maintenance work and meet with buyers and tenants, often by themselves. Lone workers can be an easy target for verbal or physical abuse or have an accident and not be able to call for help.

In a study commissioned in 2012 by Inside Housing1 of more than 220 councils, arm’s length management organisations and housing associations in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales it was found that 84% of survey respondents had been verbally assaulted, 8% had had a weapon used against them and 1% had been sexually assaulted.

Whilst the severity of the risks faced by your lone workers depend on many factors including location and client base, as an employer you have a responsibility to protect your staff and conform to lone worker legislation.

We have a proven track record of working with clients in the property and housing sectors to protect their lone workers. StaySafe Business is an award winning personal security app and surrounding monitoring service that is downloaded to any smartphone and helps you to meet your duty of care.

One of our housing sector clients who has been impressed with the app is Altwood Group, who offer a diverse range of property services working with local authorities, private landlords and developers. Employees are often required to work and travel alone to meet with clients or carry out maintenance work. To better meet their duty of care to their employees and accurately monitor their safety Altwood migrated to using StaySafe Business in 2014. Although the StaySafe app is most commonly used on smartphones, employees at Altwood Group successfully run the app on their work tablets.

Explains Sundeep Dhesi Chief Executive at Altwood Group.

StaySafe is a powerful app that runs smoothly and our employees find easy to use. Our staff all use iPads so having a safety device that runs from technology that they already have to hand means that they rarely forget to use it.

Employees visit several locations a day so to know when they are checking in and out and to be able to track their location in the hub enables us to know that they are safe at all times, even when travelling between locations.

We’ve tried other devices in the past but none have had the range of features, accuracy and ease of use that StaySafe has and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others in our industry.

To talk to us about how StaySafe can help protect your workers, contact us below:

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