Venture Trust staff protect the vulnerable and are protected by StaySafe

Scottish charity Venture Trust launch ‘user-friendly’ StaySafe solution to protect their lone working community staff


Scottish based charity Venture Trust, who run wilderness-based personal and social development programmes for vulnerable people in Scotland and the UK, have launched the StaySafe smartphone app and surrounding cloud-based monitoring service to protect their lone workers.

The app will be used to monitor their community outreach staff, who often work alone and in remote locations meeting with program participants. As well as providing an accurate GPS location for staff, the app also features a range of alerts which their employees can discreetly activate if they find themselves at risk.

Phil Briggs, Operations Director at Venture Trust explains their choice to launch the StaySafe app;

Prior to launching StaySafe we utilised a text and phone-in system to a central number which worked ok, but was time consuming. We felt we needed a more comprehensive solution to protect the team and I spent several months looking at different systems before finally choosing StaySafe.

Overall we needed a system that was simple to administer, but most importantly was extremely user friendly. StaySafe ticked all the boxes.

Launching the app has given great peace of mind to both staff and supervisors who now know that someone is ‘looking out for them’. All our staff have found the app simple and unobtrusive to use and duty staff find the cloud based monitoring software easy to access and navigate.”

Don Cameron, CEO, StaySafe adds

The StaySafe business app is a great solution for not-for-profit organisations like Venture Trust who want to offer a market leading level of protection to staff but often face tight budget restrictions. All organisations must adhere to lone worker legislation or face sanctions and so it is important that businesses have a robust solution in place. The StaySafe app has been designed to meet all current legislation but at an affordable cost, making it accessible for organisations of all sizes and sectors.

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