Joscelyne Chase replaced their manual call-in system with StaySafe to improve staff safety while reducing costs

Estate Agents Joscelyne Chase use the StaySafe Business app and surrounding monitoring service to ensure that they meet their duty of care to their lone workers.

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The property industry is one of the first professions many people think of when considering lone worker safety; sadly because of some of the high-profile attacks that have happened to those working alone in the property industry.

For employees at Joscelyne Chase, based in Essex, lone working is a daily occurrence with staff showing properties, carrying out inspections, terminating tenancies and lone working in the office.

Prior to working with StaySafe, Joscelyne Chase operated a manual system for keeping track of their agents when they were out of the office. However, they felt that in order to fully meet their responsibility as an employer and to adhere to lone worker legislation they needed a solution that was more robust. After a review of the market, Joscelyne Chase decided to implement StaySafe Business.

Alison Bryant, Financial Director at Joscelyne Chase explains “I first came across the StaySafe app in an article in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) magazine. StaySafe came out as the number one lone worker solution and I wanted to find out more. We contacted StaySafe for a demonstration and were really impressed. The app has so many safety features and the tracking is extremely accurate.”

Bryant says that once they had decided to work with StaySafe things got off the ground really quickly.

The app was easy and quick to download and StaySafe configured our Hub to meet our needs, for example the map in our system is automatically zoomed in on South Essex where we are based. StaySafe also gave us lots of information regarding documenting our lone worker policies and procedures.

Although the app is a fixed product, the communication and service we received from StaySafe was still personal to us and our business.

They are our lone working partner, not just an app provider and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others in our industry

To talk to us about how StaySafe provides an efficient and reliable solution to protect your lone workers, contact us below:

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