StaySafe used by lone workers providing VIP protection on film sets

Above the Line Security have improved the safety of their at-risk employees by switching from a manual call-in system to the user-friendly StaySafe lone worker solution. Employees at Above the Line Security are responsible for guarding individuals and high-value equipment on busy film sites.

Prone to theft and coming into contact with potentially volatile paparazzi and members of the public, the company required a more reliable way of monitoring the safety of their guards.

StaySafe allows workers on site to send an alert in an emergency while providing the employee with an accurate location via a real-time map. Monitors are alerted if an employee triggers an alert or fails to check-in on the app during their shift.

“Having used an app for the first time to protect our lone workers, we were incredibly impressed by the ease and agility of set up and usability. Our employees have adapted quickly to using the app whenever they work and as they do not always come to the office, it allows them to set up for the day quickly and independently.”

Daniel O’Toole, Managing Director at Above The Line continues;

“Previously, we had to rely on night supervisors based in external locations to take check-in and emergency calls manually. This proved expensive and disconnected, particularly if our lone workers were situated in areas of low signal where making contact to ensure their safety was infrequent and unreliable. With StaySafe, we are able to instantly locate our workers on a map once they have checked-in, even in areas of low signal, saving us a lot of time and human resources.”

Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe adds;

“Security Personnel are often targets for verbal and physical abuse due to the nature of the work they carry out. They often protect valuable assets which leads to the potential risk of theft and aggression. StaySafe provides peace of mind for the lone workers and the business by providing an effective and reliable solution for a range of volatile situations. Organisations can see exactly where their staff are in the case of an emergency and can send assistance directly to them – all with the added bonus of being user-friendly and cost-effective, only requiring a mobile phone.”

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