Renewable Energy company switch from buddy system to StaySafe

Leading renewable energy company, BeBa Energy, have implemented the StaySafe app to protect their lone workers who operate remotely on solar farms.

Working over a large worksite and facing a range of environmental risks, the company found that monitoring the safety and whereabouts of their employees, was proving difficult. By switching from a buddy system to a reliable mobile app, Beba Energy is able to ensure that their renewable energy specialists can be monitored while they work and always have a way to signal for help when in need of assistance.

Barbara Jewiarz, Associate at BeBa Energy comments;

We had previously been using a manual system which wasn’t fully meeting our safety requirements for our workers installing, maintaining and managing Solar PV & LED lighting. We found the buddy system could be very unreliable and onerous on our staff who would not always remember to check-in and be prohibited by low signal. We have a Health and Safety obligation to protect our remote staff and StaySafe provides a more robust and user-friendly way to protect our people.

The app is easy and quick to use while offering far more in terms of versatility. The ability to locate and monitor our lone working employees is especially reassuring for both the company and staff, as our staff work over a large site and we can now determine their exact location directly from the hub, meaning that if there are any issues which arise, we can send assistance immediately.

The panic button allows users at BeBa Energy to alert staff if they are injured or in need of urgent assistance, while man-down functionality will detect a fall. Low signal options also helped us overcome the challenge of not being able to make a phone call when we were operating our buddy system.

Don Cameron, CEO, StaySafe adds;

Employees in energy and utility-based sectors can be vulnerable as they are frequently required to work and travel to sites alone, often outside of normal working hours.

We’re seeing a big trend in the sector of companies moving away from user driven/company manufactured systems and dedicated safety devices towards apps because of the prevalent use of smartphones in the workplace and the technological abilities they now offer. StaySafe provides a way for organisations to know exactly where staff are and if they are safe – with the added bonus of using equipment staff already carry

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