Meitrack Releases the Smallest GPS Tracker P88L Among Its Product Family

Today, Meitrack officially announces the release of the smallest GPS tracker among Meitrack product family, 4G mini GPS tracker P88L, to deliver the optimal user experience to customers worldwide.

Compared with the MT90 and P99G personal trackers, the P88L is much smaller in size and more lightweight, and offers longer battery life (built-in 1000mAh battery, 200 hours standby time) . This new model is easy and convenient to carry and to be put somewhere just like an accessory. Just glance around it. We can clearly see that there are two buttons only: SOS button on the front and auxiliary button on the left side, which is a user-friendly design for users, the elderly and children in particular.

Featuring the two-way calling, SOS alert, polygonal geo-fence alert, man-down alert and smart working mode, this unit can also work as an alarm clock, and at most 24 alarm clocks can be set at a time. Device parameters can be configured in diversified forms: SMS, Meitrack MS03 platform, Bluetooth or PC. After Bluetooth pairing is finished, if the unit exits the Bluetooth range, an alert will be pushed to users. In addition, this device can record the number of steps users take every day and upload this travel record to the platform as a reference. At 00:00:00 (GPS time), all the steps are cleared automatically. Everything about the new tracking device is designed to ensure a safe and sure travel and provide peace of mind for the family members and management team.

Let’s see the featured highlights of the P88L as follows:
1. LBS/GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth tracking
2. Smart working mode
3. IP67 water resistant
4. Multi-functional

Learn more about the brand new P88L 4G Mini GPS Tracker here.

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