Get up and running quickly for long-term success

Effectively integrate StaySafe into your business through our program of on-boarding, training and support

Secure Mobility works with you to ensure maximum usage and engagement

At Secure Mobility, we work with you to ensure that you get the most from your investment in the StaySafe solution.

Using our experience from hundreds of implementations, we are able to fully support you to effectively integrate StaySafe into your business through our tried and tested program of onboarding, training and support.

Our clients benefit from a comprehensive onboarding and support service from the moment you begin working with us. This includes a dedicated Account manager who will work with you to configure your Hub settings, through to interactive training and multiple support channels.

Configure the StaySafe Solution to suit your business

StaySafe’s flexibility means you can create multiple teams, reporting lines and escalation policies to fit your unique organisational structure. We will work with you to define and implement the optimal Hub and monitoring set-up to meet both the requirements of your lone worker policy and your business structure. If you opt to use our 24×7 professional monitoring centre, we provide a solution with seamless integration.

Comprehensive Onboarding

Our onboarding program helps you to activate app users and get them to use the solution quickly and effectively. Once we receive the data we need, we will enrol your employees into the system and begin the onboarding process.

Employees will receive a series of personalised emails to drive usage, understanding and engagement. Email content is tailored based on user behaviour, for example, if they have not completed their app set-up or logged in recently. As well as practical and sign-in information, employees will also receive emails containing tips, videos and articles to help them get the most out of the app.

Maximising employee engagement and usage

We deliver training through a range of approaches that can be combined to create a training package suited to your organisation and size. Whether you are a new customer or have a new employee joining your team, our training strategy ensures every employee is equipped to use the app and all its features.

Interactive in-app training

Our interactive in-app training gives each user a quick and easy overview of how to use the app. Users are automatically prompted to follow the training when they first open the app, which takes them through key features, such as starting a session and triggering alerts.

The simplicity of the StaySafe app means that in-app training is often all that is needed to get employees to use the app with confidence. Within the Monitoring Hub, you can also access in-depth insights and reports enabling you to spot usage trends and ensure maximum engagement.