What is IncidentEye?

The IncidentEye solution is an app and monitoring service which allows you to rapidly locate and protect your employees during an emergency. The intuitive Hub allows you to quickly check the location and status of your employees, send tailored communications and avoid harm.

Set up and manage an incident

  • Locate employees

    Quickly locate employees in the vicinity of an incident by creating a geozone around an affected area.

  • Capture employee safety status

    Employees within the geozone will be alerted via the app and asked to specify whether they are safe or in danger.

  • Send information and advice

    Critical information, updates and advice can be sent to employees via the app.

  • Attend to those who need help

    With the information provided by IncidentEye, you can focus response efforts on those who need it.

With IncidentEye you can:

Exercise your duty of care

Ensure the safety of your employees while in your care

Maintain personal privacy

Employees will always be notified when location is visible

Reduce business down time

Save time and resources spent locating your workforce manually

Provide peace of mind

Employees know they are not alone during an emergency

“As a business we have a large national footprint consisting of many locations, including an active mobile workforce. The combination of these elements, industry related risks and a country that can be subjected to earthquakes means emergency communication is essential. We are therefore very pleased to have adopted IncidentEye as our emergency communication service. We believe in times of an emergency this will contribute significantly to our capability to confirm the welfare status of our people and provide a timely response, or to proactively communicate about serious threats”

Owen Loeffellechner, Chief Safety & Security Officer

What are the threats?

Your employees are facing a growing number of incidents that are beyond your control but can affect their ability to work effectively and potentially their health and safety.

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Natural Disasters

Fires & explosions

Chemical accident

Terror attacks